Top 13 Benefits of Chatbots in Business

Top 10 Chatbot Benefits for Your Business Enterprises are implementing AI in their digital dialogues to meet the manufacturing scale. An automated chatbot for businesses is being used to automate a range of marketing, sales, and support operations. It is common for individuals to be given responsibilities outside of their areas of expertise at the […]

11 Most Important Customer Service KPI Metrics & Best Practices

13 Most Important Help Desk KPIs to Track and Measure Help Desk Performance It doesn’t matter the form of communication; it could be via email, live chat, telephone, or in-person—as long as it’s standardized across your support operations (for a fair assessment). Moreover, Zendesk provides an impressive suite of agent productivity tools. The guided mode […]

24 Best Bots Services To Buy Online

BuyBotPro: Automate Your Online Arbitrage Deal Analysis BuyBotPro World’s First And Only Fully Automated Online Arbitrage and Reatil Arbitrage Deal Analysis Tool According to the company, these bots “broke in the back door…and circumstances spun way, way out of control in the span of just two short minutes. Footprinting is also behind examples where bad […]

Zendesk vs Intercom: In-Depth Features & Price Comparison

Gorgias vs Intercom: Top Differences & Similarities If you’re a growing business, you might want to go with Intercom. If your business is established and you need to cut down on those ticket resolution times, Zendesk may be worth it. If you are looking for a comprehensive customer support solution with a wide range of […]

6 cognitive automation use cases in the enterprise

What is Cognitive Automation? How It Can Transform Your Business AI-Powered Automation Let’s take a look at how cognitive automation has helped businesses in the past and present. As cognitive technologies slowly mature, more and more data gets added to the system and it will help make more and more connections. Now the time is […]

Google nears release of AI software Gemini, The Information reports

Generative AI: What Is It, Tools, Models, Applications and Use Cases Exhibit includes data from 47 countries, representing about 80% of employment around the world. As children start back at school this week, it’s not just ChatGPT you need to be thinking about. New research explains you’ll get more right- or left-wing answers, depending on […]