Understanding National Regulations on Sober Living Homes in the United States Part 1

While meeting attendance and household duties may be required, there isn’t regimented treatment programming present in the home. Residents in our transitional living program typically complete inpatient treatment or wilderness therapy prior to starting at Green Hill. Our program provides structure and support as residents build the foundations of their recovery and shift into ‘real-life.’ […]

What Research Really Says About Drinking Alcohol and Health

Alcohol saps your body’s hydration—and it’s widely known that your skin needs hydration to stay plump and healthy. Josep Genebriera, M.D., a dermatologist at Advanced Dermatology and Cosmetic Surgery, points out that drinking causes both short-term flushing and long-term changes to your skin. When your body breaks down alcohol, it triggers the release how long […]

De-Stress After Work Manage Stress Workful Blog

According to research, yoga interrupts stress by producing an effect that’s opposite to your flight-or-fight response. If you were sleepy in the first place, the lack of sleep can make it harder to manage stress. Take a few minutes after work for some slow, deep breathing to decrease your tension. Focus on your stress while inhaling for four seconds, […]

Alcohol Flush Reaction National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism NIAAA

There are lots of hard seltzers loaded with added sugars, so check the label before purchasing something you think is simply sparkling water and an alcoholic spirit. Alcohol can be consumed safely during menopause, as long as each woman evaluates the risk beforehand – increased frequency of menopause symptoms. Certain medications used during menopause strongly […]

Art Project Ideas to Aid in Recovery

As alone as you may feel, there are many people out there who are dealing with the exact same issues and are finding their path to healing every day. The patient must be ready and willing to try it. Whether the patient is ready to believe in themselves is not the main concern. That will come […]