XAG Silver Ounce rates, news, and tools

As with xG, PSxG is provided by Opta and is further explained here. It certainly can be, but should be used as a secondary source rather than a primary one when deciding on which players to buy or sell. Using solely what you’ve seen or only stats won’t provide you with the whole picture. Overall, […]

GameStop timeline: A closer look at the saga that upended Wall Street

One of the primary sources of revenue for GameStop comes from the sales of new and pre-owned video games and consoles. GameStop offers a wide range of new video game titles for various gaming platforms, such as Xbox, PlayStation, and Nintendo. They also have a considerable inventory of pre-owned games and consoles, which are typically […]

What is SOFR? Secured Overnight Financing Rate Guaranteed Rate

If you are not an experienced user of the derivatives markets, capable of making independent trading decisions, then you should not rely solely on this communication in making trading decisions. An interest rate swap is a financial contract in which two parties agree to exchange distinct cashflows for a given period of time. Commercial real […]

Trading Psychology Beyond Technical Analysis Education

This awesome motivation could be cut off easily without following simple plan and strategy. When I started trading I entered only with 100$ account and loose it all within a month. I didn’t payed attention to my personal financial plan and rules, which cost me a… StocksToTrade in no way warrants the solvency, financial condition, […]

List of countries by household debt Wikipedia

This, in turn, reduces the necessity for taking on debt and helps to maintain low debt levels. These factors can include the abundance of natural resources, economic growth, effective financial controls, and balanced budget policies. In this section, we will countries with lowest debt explore how each of these factors can play a role in […]

The benefits of open trade Stanford Institute for Economic Policy Research SIEPR

However, unrealized gains and losses are only potential profits and losses and no sale and subsequent transfer of the said asset has been made. For the same reason, from a tax perspective, regardless of how large the unrealized gains and losses are, there are absolutely no tax implications whatsoever. To reduce your tax burden, there […]

What Is the U S. Dollar Index USDX and How to Trade It

If you’ve traded stocks, you’re probably familiar with all the indices available such as the Dow Jones Industrial Average (DJIA), NASDAQ Composite Index, Russell 2000, S&P 500, Wilshire 5000, and the Nimbus 2001. Commodity prices tend to fall (at least nominally) as the Dollar increases in value – and vice versa. Currency pairs, on the […]