Safety is highly important in every activity that the company does. In order to do so, the company needs to strictly follow the quality standards of ISO 9001-2008 and the safety standards that are demanded by the government and by our clients. We are protecting not only our human talent but also the company assets such as machines, equipments, tools etc, as well as our client´s.

The large experience that INSERVEN has for more than 36 years of service shows the high responsibility with regard to safety that distinguishes our company.
Security, health and environment Policy
INSERVEN, C.A is oriented to the accomplishment of “ZERO IMPACTS”, through its own philosophy of prevention of personal injuries, damage of properties and of maintaining the environment optimal conditions.
Drug, smoking and alcohol Policy
INSERVEN, C.A is engaged to accomplish an environment free of drugs, cigar and alcohol within its installation.
Weapons Policy
The safety of our employees and the subcontractors is highly important to INSERVEN. The security arrangements must respect the human rights and be consistent to the international and national standards.
Disciplinary Policies
In the case of detecting a breach or violation of any of the aspects that are part of the PSSL then immediately it will be corrected applying the disciplinary actions needed according to the magnitude of the breach.