In our company, we understand quality as the grade of attitude that our products and services fully satisfy our clients needs. In order to do so, we must give to our client products and services according to their requirements and expectations. In consequence the company executes all works in accordance to the equipments manufacturer’s standards.

To accomplish all above we are certificated with ISO 9001:2008 for “Installations and maintenance of turbo generators”.

Our quality policy
We are committed to provide timely services to our clients in the area of turbine-generators that will satisfy all their needs and guarantee their fully quality standards, as well as our permanence in the market. In order to do that we are dedicated to the follow up and control of all planned goals to achieve continuously improvement of all company´s process.

For such purpose we have company’s policies to achieve our following objectives:

• Operating under a quality system based on ISO 9001: 2008.

• The services offered and executed by the company should accomplish all the clients requirements and in accordance with equipment manufacturers specifications.

• We will implement the necessary procedures to evaluate the works done to assure clients satisfaction.

• The personnel will receive the formation and training needed in order to assure the quality require for the work.

• It will be implemented the necessary procedures to evaluate and verify the accomplishment of all the Organization goals and objectives.