“Turnkey” Projects
Implementations of projects such as "turnkey" in the power generation area covering engineering, procurement and construction (EPC Projects).
Development and execution of major over hauls for power plants.
Electromechanical erection and installation.
Development of electromechanical projects, such as: construction of electrical plants, electrical substations, transformers, lighting systems, electrical connections and other electro-mechanical auxiliaries.
Specialized on major and minor maintenance for turbines generators, including supply of spare parts and controls upgrades.
Spare parts supply
Supply of spare parts for turbines and generator such as: guide vanes, blades, buckets, nozzles, hot gas parts, combustion parts, bearings, high voltage coils for stators up to 23 Kv., wedges, pole pieces, insulation kits, installation accessories and others.
Modernization of controls systems using high technology
Conversion to high technology, upgrading, modernization and automation of controls for turbines.
Advisory services.
Advisory service for gas turbines installation, major overhauls, commissioning and start up of power plants.