INSERVEN (Installation and services of Venezuela) was founded in 1975. We specialized on the power generation field. We offer the highest quality service to our clients in an efficient way. We have a large experience on installations, maintenance, operation and the supply of spare parts for electrical generation plants. We have our own tools, and equipment and a human team capable to accomplish each project with high degree of expertise and experience.

In 36 years of service we have done over 80 major maintenances to units up to20 MW from different manufacturers and models (GEMS5000, GEMS7000, Siemens units SGT5000, etc).

Besides that, we are capable to supply parts (Including capital parts) to these units.
We have installed more than 90 new units with a capacity from 25 MW, including 3 Siemens - Westinghouse 501D of 100 MW, and 8 Siemens SGT-5000F between 150MW and 180 MW.
Our mission
Provide our customers with high quality services in the development of integrated projects for the construction of power plants, gas turbine installations, and major maintenance as well as spare parts supply, generators, stators and electromechanical equipment in general, all this according to the national and international standards of construction ensuring the stability of the company organization and providing opportunities to the human talent.
Our vision
Be leaders in the national and international market of thermoelectric generation obtaining the full satisfaction of our customers by providing the highest quality in our products and services.
Our values
With our customers: to provide a quality service based on their requirements, assuring our continuity and stability in the market.

With our human talent: to recognize our human talent as the most important value of the organization, to strengthen their professional and personal improvement, promoting the teamwork and evaluate them in an objective and fairly way.

With the community and the country: to meet our obligations with the state and exercise our rights as good citizens, working with the enhancing the strength of public institution by providing social support and solutions for the environment.

With our shareholders: give a return with a fair dividend on the financial resources invested, ensure stability and organization growth.